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Kashi, located on the banks of Ganga Mata is the most ancient continuous civilization in the world, which is known by many names such as Varanasi, Benares and Anandavan. The very name of the city means that within which there is light ie city of light. It is deeply entwined with Sanatana Dharma and Bharat. Even the word Bharat means bhayam rati iti bharatam, prakashen yuktah ie that which is joined by light. Light here means knowledge and since ancient times Kashi has been overseen by Shiva and Ganga Mata who nourish and protect us to manifest that light.

That is why this year for the first time ever we are starting Kashi Yoga Festival, the festival of light on 17th and 18th October 2020. These are very auspicious dates because Navratri, The festival of nine nights where the divine 9 feminine forms of Mother Goddess starts on the 17th October.
We want to celebrate the culture, heritage and knowledge that is the foundation of Kashi to inspire people in India and around the world to connect to the root of themselves with stable wisdom through the light of yoga.

We will be joined by teachers from as far away as Australia and all the way upto to LA.  Some are inspiring well known teachers and others leading a gentle life of yoga in remote places, no matter where they come from each have had their own unique journey in yoga and connection with Kashi. 

We look forward to bringing Kashi, the light of yoga and peace to your home in these Pandemic times.

Yoga means to join or deep thought.The state in which you become one with the object of meditation signifies the real yoga. These days people associate yoga with the techniques which involve standing upside down and sweeping actions of arms and feet. This is yogasan and not yoga. These are methods of preparing the body for yoga. The asanas are required to make the body flexible and strong. Yogasana is the first step towards yoga. After the asanas comes pranayama, then pratayahara and then only comes dharana and dhyan. Yoga is realized when you begin to acquire the quality and nature of the object and begin to experience oneness with all.

Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra ji Maharaj



Kashi Yoga Festival - Festival of Light | 17-18 OCT 2020


17-18 OCT 2020


Book a ticket to this incredible knowledge and class filled festival and at the same time support underprivileged children and women in Varanasi get education, food and necessary support. We are grateful to all the teachers and presenters who are voluntarily offering their time and knowledge to this Kashi Yoga Festival






Andrew Sealey 4.jpeg

Andrew Sealy

International yoga artist asking ‘How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain?’

Shirley Telles

Dr. Shirley Telles

“Functional magnetic resonance imaging in meditators”


Dr. Yogi Devraj

His business Atma Darshana Yoga helps people with obesity, back pain, memory and many other ailments as well as help with improving relationships.


Vijay Rana

During the Johannesburg Vishwa Hindi Sammelan, he received a Government of India award honouring his contribution to Hindi journalism

Ajith Shankara.jpeg

Ajith Shankara

A unique approach to yoga postures promoting healing, fitness, stress resilience, integral awareness and happiness.

Yogi Mohan Karki.jpeg

Yogaguru Mohan Karki

Holistic therapist, author and TV personality


Irene van der post Nutter

Spreading the eternal and divine knowledge in a very accessible and undiluted way, whilst inspiring, guiding and coaching individuals to walk this sacred path back to themSelves

Aurandeep Singh Samra.jpeg

Aurandeep Singh Samra

A seeker of Truth - ‘We are all teachers of experience, and students of life’.


Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

The first Indian to be recognized as an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, USA. 

Divya Prabha

Divya Prabha

She draws on the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, upanishads and the Gita, bringing the light of knowledge into the practise of  the eight limbs of yoga in daily life.


Ron van der Post

Getting control over the mental and energetic processes that take place in the body

Deepa Mehta.jpeg

Deepa Mehta

Her speciality is to support and hold space for the healing journey by treating and nourish the body, mind and the spirit as one. 

Harinaam Profile Pic.jpg


Harinaam's soul-stirring kirtans and inspirational talks help you to experience those energies and bring joy and peace into your heart.

0 copy.jpg

Sanj Hall

A traveling gong yogi, sound artist and a gong teacher, who has taken the divine order to spread the positive vibrations of gongs and holistic resonance to the world


Amanda Owen

She is a firm believer in the power of the breath and that every body is to be respected as unique with different needs and abilities.

Kaberi Bahaduri

Singer of Aradhana


Jeffrey Armstrong

Founder of VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts, International Speaker, Best-selling Author, Jyotishi, Poet

Shefali Vaidya

Shefali Vaidya

Award-winning multi-lingual author, newspaper columnist, motivational speaker and textile enthusiast. She writes and speaks regularly on art and craft, handlooms weaving, temple architecture as well as on social and political issues. 

Devatama Dubey.jpeg

Dr. Devatma Dubey

He has chosen to dedicate his life to Sanskrit and the protection of the Vedas and Indian culture and traditions 


Marcel Kooij

Maintain the physical body to stay longer and deeper in meditation

Charlotta Chandrika Martinus

Charlotta Chandrika Martinus

She specialises in teaching Yoga for Young people, speaks regularly on the BBC and writes for the Om Yoga magazine and Yoga journal in USA, AUstralia and Canada.


Vinod Singh

Teaches holistic yoga workshops incorporating diverse aspects of the practice: asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, cleansing kriyas and Vedic chanting.

Abhijeet Upadhyay.jpeg

Abhijeet Pandey

His goal - to help others improve the quality of their life through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practices.



School of Perfoming Arts






Donate online via Paypal or Razorpay to provide literacy skills, nurturing environment and food for hungry children and help them to get education.

For International Donations


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