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International Chandramauli Charitable Trust

The Ancient education was very different from the Modern Education System. In Ancient times Rishis-ascetics, brought students out of individualism irrespective of caste or creed to realize the existent unity behind diversity. Yoga was the means to achieve that objective. Modern education teaches you how to earn, to collect, to amass the means of happiness but not how to obtain happiness itself. The ancient education system was for eternal everlasting peace of mind which consequently manifested infinite peace.This gave them a detached way of thinking because detachment meant experiencing or realizing the uniting thread and resultantly serving that manifestation of Supreme Consciousness who is the embodiment of all living souls and gives an attached way of serving the Self.In order for our students to be successful in this competitive world we will teach them to the highest global standards with the cooperation of our international affiliates.


Donate online via Paypal or Razorpay to provide literacy skills, nurturing environment and food for hungry children and help them to get education.

For International Donations
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