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Ajith Shankara

A unique approach to yoga postures promoting healing, physical fitness, stress resilience, integral awareness and happiness.

Ajith Shankara is an internationally experienced and renowned Yoga teacher / therapist and founder of Lotus Holistic Yoga Centre in Dubai. He was born, raised and educated in a southern Indian ashram environment. 


Aiming to bring about the organic integration of body and mind, Ajith brings to the Dubai Yoga community his unique approach to yoga postures and techniques to promote the most conducive state of body and mind for healing, optimising physical fitness, building resilience to stress, nurturing integral awareness and experiencing happiness. 


With humour, love and care for his students, he has been teaching since 2004 to a wide audience from around the world through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and other cities in India. He brought his unique style to Canada for 5 years and served as mentor/guide and inspiration for many yoga aspirants. 


His specialities (besides teaching his unique styles of yoga classes) are helping students heal sports injuries, lifestyle related dis-ease, spinal health optimisation and solving back problems. 


Whether you join his mass classes, small group classes or private classes or yoga therapies, you're in for a treat! 

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