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Aurandeep Singh Samra

A seeker of Truth - ‘We are all teachers of experience, and students of life’.

Aurandeep Singh Samra is a seeker of truth. He is extremely grateful to be connected to his culture and heritage of India and the practice of Yoga. Yoga and Meditation benefit Aurandeep’s life physically, mentally, and energetically. He loves to share the Universal tools that have helped him evolve spiritually with anyone who is receptive and curious about the ancient practice of yoga and meditation.


One of his favourite mottos is ‘Each One, Teach One’. He knows that every individual is an expression of the Divine and is created with unique gifts and talents waiting to be activated and shared. ‘We are all teachers of experience, and students of life’.


Aurandeep is also very fortunate to have performed ceremonies in many sacred sites across the world. These have have deeply inspired him to encourage humanity to recognise the underlying unity of all of creation. His classes are designed to connect you to that pure place within the heart and leave you feeling enhanced in mind, body, and soul.



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D12/23 Nichibrahmapuri,

Kashi(Varanasi) - 221001 UP

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