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Deepa Mehta

Deepa is a Teacher of numerous healing
modalities, mentor for students who wish to deepen their self studies,  and practitioner.  She is a resource for wellness, loving nourishment and ancient healing arts.  Growing up in a home that fused scientific, natural and spiritual knowledge- at a young age Deepa developed a love of using this knowledge to help others.  Her speciality is to support and hold space for the healing journey by treating and nourish the body, mind and the spirit as one.  

She utilizes her intuition,  and training of energy (reiki), food, nutrition, yoga, movement, meditation, sound healing, crystals and various other modalities to assist others in working through challenges and blockages.  Over the years, her tool belt has grown- and so has her love of nourishing and nurturing others.  

Her passion is to help people achieve their greatest expression of self, attain optimal health and feel nourished and loved- mind, body and soul.  
The Nourishing Brahmin.

Deepa Mehta.jpeg
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