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Divya Prabha

Divya Prabha

Divya Prabha - Varanasi, India

Divya Prabha is devoted to yoga for life.

She graduated from Oxford University, UK with a Masters with Honours in Metallurgy and the Science of Materials and started an illustrious career with top UK and American Investment banks. Following life changing experiences, she left this life behind, embarking on her spiritual journey with Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawraji.

She has dived deep into Indian culture at Varanasi and draws on the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, upanishads and the Gita, bringing the light of knowledge into the deep practise of the eight limbs of yoga in daily life.

She is traditionally trained and guided in Maha yoga (hatha, mantra, laya and raja yoga) as well having had a traditional Sanskrit education in Varanasi for the last 14 years, winning the Gold Medal for the Shastri (BA equivalent) course and coming top of her University class during further studies in Prachin Vyakaran on the Acharya course (MA equivalent).

She has broadcast lectures and taken part in discussions on the radio and continues to teach in India as well as internationally.

She is co founder of Brahmrishi school of Yoga and Divine light retreats, a Vedic gurukul and international NGOs promoting Sanatana Dharma, Bharatiya Sanskriti and yoga as a way of life.

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