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Dr. Devatma Dubey

He belongs to a traditional family of Sanskrit scholars. He is the son of Tantragam Professor who (in his time?) was the Head of Department and coordinator of NSS of UP Paramatma Dubey.

Having completed Shastri, he graduated with an MBA and won a management placement in a bank but decided to change his life direction to go back to studying Sanskrit.

He finalised Acharya and completed a combined Phd. in Sanskrit Literature and Mimamsa Philosophy. He qualified in the National Eligibility Test (NET).


Between his studies, he co-founded International Chandramauli Charitable Trust and Yoga Mission and has managed both since their foundation. Fluent in Sanskrit, English and Hindi, he teaches all kinds of traditional subjects in the Trust, to both national and international students.

He has chosen to dedicate his life to Sanskrit and the protection of the Vedas and Indian culture and traditions and he is passionate about the Trust and the Mission, wherein these values are upheld. Known as “the soul of the ashram” he works as a model for all our children, as well as for society.

He loves study and teaching and so, in addition, he has been working as an ad hoc lecturer at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, after completing his PHd in Literature and Mimamsa Philosophy.

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