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Harinaam is a practicing Bhakti Yogi. For the past more than 20 years he has been doing Kirtans (a form of musical mantra meditation), giving talks and sharing stories from Indian literature. He is also the founder of Kirtan Dubai, a vibrant community of kirtan lovers in Dubai. 


Apart from doing Kirtans, Harinaam is also known for giving talks and seminars on various topics related to yoga philosophy, these topics help one to understand the true meaning and real purpose of life. His seminars on “Life Lessons from Bhagavad Gita” & “Understanding Vedic Cosmology” are the most famous ones.


Harinaam is also regularly invited to give talks and lead kirtans for various events and Yoga festivals in UAE and across the globe especially Rishikesh-India, Bahrain, Jordan, Australia and other countries in Europe & Far East. 


"Kirtan is the Yoga of Music" It is the art of calling upon the divine energies and Harinaam's soul-stirring kirtans and inspirational talks help you to experience those energies and bring joy and peace into your heart.

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