Marcel Kooij

Maintain the physical body to stay longer and deeper in meditation

Marcel Kooij was raised in the tradition of the Brahmrishi mision. In 2006 he started learning yoga with his mentor Ron van der Post. A few years later he met his Guru Swami yogananda and has been under his spiritual guidance ever since.


His way of teaching yoga is to work hard at maintaining the physical body to stay longer and deeper in meditation. In his class, he uses humour to lighten up the mind and therefore the body. The more he learns, the more he see the game of the body and the mind - asana is playing with your body.


He has a yoga studio where he teach weekly lessons and also workshops about yoga and meditation.



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D12/23 Nichibrahmapuri,

Kashi(Varanasi) - 221001 UP

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