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Kashi, located on the banks of Ganga Mata is the most ancient continuous civilization in the world, which is known by many names such as Varanasi, Benares and Anandavan. The very name of the city means that within which there is light ie city of light. It is deeply entwined with Sanatana Dharma and Bharat. Even the word Bharat means bhayam rati iti bharatam, prakashen yuktah ie that which is joined by light. Light here means knowledge and since ancient times Kashi has been overseen by Shiva and Ganga Mata who nourish and protect us to manifest that light.

That is why this year for the first time ever we are starting Kashi Yoga Festival, the festival of light on 17th and 18th October 2020. These are very auspicious dates because Navratri, The festival of nine nights where the divine 9 feminine forms of Mother Goddess starts on the 17th October.
We want to celebrate the culture, heritage and knowledge that is the foundation of Kashi to inspire people in India and around the world to connect to the root of themselves with stable wisdom through the light of yoga.

We will be joined by teachers from as far away as Australia and all the way upto to LA.  Some are inspiring well known teachers and others leading a gentle life of yoga in remote places, no matter where they come from each have had their own unique journey in yoga and connection with Kashi. 

We look forward to bringing Kashi, the light of yoga and peace to your home in these Pandemic times.

Kashi Yoga Festival Videos

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