Ron van der Post

Getting control over the mental and energetic processes that take place in the body

Ron is the founder of Yoga teacher training school Ron van der Post, one of the oldest and leading yoga teacher training schools in the Netherlands. 


Having been trained and initiated by Brahmrishi Visvatma Bawra Maharash Ji and swami Yogananda 27 years ago in India, Ron is renowned in Europe for having mastered living the authentic yogi life in a western society and his ability to transmit that knowledge in a "crystal-clear" down-to-earth manner. 


Originally a trained nurse, social worker, psychotherapist, massage therapist, shiatsu therapist and nutritional therapist, Ron’s reputation and incessant dedication have brought him to teach yoga-clinics and seminars all over Europe, India, Surinam and the Middle East.


Ron has been teaching yoga the same way and in the spirit of the yogis who have been teaching it for centuries in the Himalayas. It is Ashtanga Yoga in its truest form, with the Karma Yoga as the central pillar. Getting control over the mental and energetic processes that take place in the body is the main purpose of this yoga. The asanas are simply a means of getting a grip on the mental side of yoga, instead of a goal on its own. Special emphasis is put on the 8-folded path of yoga, as described by Patanjali, and the application and use of the yamas and niyamas. Facilitating and stimulating the development of each individual student take the core priority in his teaching method. 



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D12/23 Nichibrahmapuri,

Kashi(Varanasi) - 221001 UP

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